Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Thu 31 Aug 2017 20:07
38 20 45N 00 28 61W  Alicante 29-31 August  At anchor, the only yacht at anchor

Very, very happy that we have our small "speed boat", 16 knots in a dinghy, that's what you need.
Avoiding overrated expensive marinas, most of them without any charm.

The super little black dot down their, thats us. 
Another great castle with a astonishing view. 
Bur for us Alicante was hiring a car visiting Lidl ... yes ... and yes ... there is a lot of good stuff there for very reasonable prices.
IKEA is not cheap anymore when it comes to Swedish food ... and some of the IKEA stuff really sucks (sorry old Kamprad super rich billionaire man).
As a sailors from Scandinavia we prefer Lidl.

And, very sorry about that, Spanish kitchen seems to lost their touch.

We cook by far so much better on our yacht. Isn't that a sad story!?

And Grete loves romantic sunsets.