Patmos - Some photos from Chora

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Tue 25 Aug 2015 16:01

We are a

​t ​
​ island,​
one of the most
islands i Greece
​, they say. Maybe!? Very beautiful sceneries for sure.​

The Meltemi is angry and will increase tonight

​ (24 August)​
. The
ind is about
​ blowing at ​
​ sometimes,​
which means
​you ​
​to be ​
out there

Everybody is

​, almost, are seeking shelter. ​
We are happy to be in here

One sailing boat left in the morning, five young guys and one young girl, we all wisch them well and safe sailing but they are young and tuff

​, probably ​
looking for challenges.

We arrived Friday 21 and planned to stay for three days but because of the Meltemi we

​ decided ​to stay a bit longer, just 
to be safe. 

It's a beautiful island and we have

​had ​
great sailing neighbours, Lydia and Danny, from Italy
​, ​a German couple, Australiens, Italiens, Swiss ... It's a very busy harbour.

​BY ​
scooter we have explored most of the island
​ (it's not that big).​

​At the moment (yesterday) ​
we are
​safe in t​
he deck house,
​having, a 
​, ​
small dinner!!!
​ Outside the wind is blowing hard​, making strange 

Inside and outside the boat is covered with

t's going to be quite a job to clean up

It's a

​very ​
good atmosphere here in this small harbour but when the big ships arrive all of us, on small sailing boats are terriferied specielly if it's a boat from Turkey!! 

Sad to say, but they are not good seamen.

​And t
hen of course we have all the
​ ....​


​it's time to ​
​, ​next island will be
​. Not to many go there. What we know is that they live extremely long on this particular island. 

That's Cora over there. 

Yes we are moored down there.