Sardinia - 644 Nm covered in 6 nights and 7 days

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Wed 9 Aug 2017 13:46
39 12 05N 09 07 51E Marina del Sole, Cagliari (capital), Sardegna

Soon we will arrive in Cagliari. WOW!
It was the longest leg we ever made in one row.
From Bari on the Italien mainland, through Messina Strait, Stromboli and now Sardinia.

There was a change of plans after Stromboli. Originally we where heading for Trapani, Sicily,
but we decided to continue directly to Sardinia instead.

We left Bari at ca 11:30, 3rd August, and will dock in Marina del Sole around the same time today.
144 hours at sea, motoring 120. We have used the best part of our fuel.
Motoring at 1200 rpm most of the time. A bit of sailing, not much sadly.
There is no wind or wind in the nose. Sea has been gentle with us. Almost no swell.

Our iron horse, Mr Perkins, works perfect and smoothly. Almost no vibrations (the knew engine mount made a difference)
no leaks. Very reliable. That's a big relief. Thinking of the coming adventures this year and next.

The new sails works also perfect, much better performance then the old ones.
And the main furies easily now. Good.

On the whole everything has worked out just fine. 

The combination of the new Quantum radar, AIS and our big iMac plotter works very safe and well.

The only thing we have to find out for the future is how to get a night watch system to work better.
We have tried 2 versions now, 2 and 3 hours watches. Does not work that well. You don't get enough sleep.

Deck wash. To save fresh water we used the deck wash to have a nice cool shower 2-3 times a day.
Rinsing afterwards with just a bottle, 1,5 liter each, of sweet water. Very nice in the almost unbareable heat. 

We are a bit tired now and really looking forward to a couple of nights in a safe marina and shore power.
AC and full nights of sleep. Yes!

A scooter, and a bit of exploring. 

Italy in August, in a marina. You pay just crazy money for nothing. It's like a super expensive parking lot.
3 nights, 340 Euro. Let's get out of here ... very quick. Absolutely outrageous. Facilities second to none.
In three years of constant sailing this was by far the most expensive marina ever. Value for money ... no NO NO.