Deggendorf, Km 2284

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Sat 16 May 2015 06:05
48 49 48N 12 57 87E   Niederbayerischer Motornachtclub Landshut (what a name) 15-16 May

15 May, 93 km of easy travelling.
Some bridges seems to be to low … do we need to take down our radar mast again???
Then we got a lesson about HSW (Hochwasserstand) and “Pegel”.
The difference in water level when Donau is navigable is about three meters so bridge clearance is always mentioned at highest level.
At the moment the water level is normal. 
Means that the bridge clearance was 7,2 meters instead of 5,15 at this bridge … and we where happy.