Las Palmas - ARC country - Like beeing in a giant parking lot - Atmosphere, none

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Thu 26 Oct 2017 19:43
Marina Las Palmas, at anchor outside the marina (very happy with that) 28 07 87N 15 25 35W

Yes, we are one of the yachts anchored outside the main marina at about 13 m depth, 50 m chain out. God holding. The Rocna anchor bites almost directly.👍

Any charm? No, no, no ... This is a totally ARC commercial occasion.

300 yachts will soon leave. And then some tings will get back to normal.

Normal means maybe we can get into the marina. We will book a month.

This is like being in a huge parking place, for yachts. Atmosphere, none.

But we like to be here anyhow. 
The big crowds of sailors preparing for the crossing seems to create a cluster of workshops, 
skeppshandlare, no know ...

Before we leave we need to get some things done. And it's going to happen here.

Sitting in a bar having a GT, a rush of cars passing 2 meters away.

Life is good, also knowing we are not going to be here soon.

On the other hand you need this to be able to appreciate the good really adventures things coming.

From Licata, Sicily, about 4500 Nm so far.
What an sailing adventure!