Sailing North in Australia - After 815 Nm, 23 stops - Next we sail South

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Fri 7 Aug 2020 09:04
Breakwater Marina Townsville  19 15 13S 146 49 38E

We left Scarborough Marina outside Brisbane 12 June and 28 July we arrived here in Townsville.
Although in this time of the year the South-Easterlies blows there is a lot of motor/sailing, 50%.
Breakwater Marina is the best marina so far. So we decided to stop here and wait for the Notherlies.
Tomorrow we will take the train to Cairns. A camper is waiting for us and we will do some exploring up there.
Really forward to that. Sailing so far has been boring.
Australia 2020-08-02.png
View from Castle Mountain. Magnetic Island out there.
Queensland AU 2020-08-02.png
815 Nm, 23 stops, 12/6 - 28/7. Sailing here is greatly overrated compared with other sailing areas on the Planet Water.
This is where we are berthed now. The best marina so far.