North Queensland by camper

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Sat 22 Aug 2020 09:52
Exploring North Queensland by camper, 10-20 August

Hi dear sailor friends,
We are back on the yacht here in Breakwater Marina.
This is still the best marina so far. Easy walking distance to everything. Some healthy walks to Castle Hill. A nice view with Magnetic Island.
Happy we didn't sail to Cairns. Took the train instead. 340 km in 6 hours.
Watching 3 movies each way. For free. 
Hired a camper through Autobarn. Probably the cheapest, 35 Euros/day, and the guy in Cairns is a real nice tidy guy from Germany.
Two in a Toyota Hiace is fine.
We have been there, exploring, before.
We enjoy encounters with wildlife and nature. And it's still there. 
Tropical Cape Tribulation is worth a visit. Then we went to the real outback, Undarra. A totally different environment. 
Tablelands again is different. Platapus. Granite Gorge, rock wallabies. Etty Beach on a small beach with wild/tame Cassowaries.
It was a nice break. 
Happy we are back on Sans Peur again. And as soon the weather pattern allows us to sail South we will be prepared to do so.

Kuranda - Beautiful butterflies
Undarra, Emus and ...
Etty Bay - Cassowary - What a bird!!!
Granite Gorge - Rock Wallaby