Vanuatu - Port Vila, the capital

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Wed 2 Oct 2019 20:55
Vanuatu, Port Vila  20 Sept - 3 Oct   17 44 26S 168 18 60E

Back to Port Vila, Vanuatu, after six years and it is looking almost the same. 
At that time we travelled over land and stayed in City Logde, it's still here in the middle of the town.
This time we are moored at a buoy outside World Yachting. A nice and protected location close to town.

It felt really nice to see the island and come into calm waters after the 4 day crossing from Fiji. Sailing all the way. 
Yellow flagg up, anchor down and then waiting in the early morning outside in the quarantine zone in Port Vila.
Around 9 AM the custom officer came onboard. Very nice and helpfulguy and he called the marina to ask for a bouy 
and in an hour we were attached and feeling safe and good.

It has been such a great time here in Port Vila. We have done a lot of walks around the town, meeting a lot of nice sailors.
The people here in Vanuatu are so incredible friendly to us tourists/sailors always smiling and helpful in any way. 
We are going to miss all these fantastic beautiful people.

Tomorrow, after two weeks, we are heading North to the island Espiritu Santo, on the way we will make stop at five or six islands. 
There are some very interesting and beautiful places to visit on the way. It will take about twenty days.
Then we will prepare for the crossing from Luganville (Espiritu Santo) to Bundaberg  in Australia. 
That will take us about twelve days with a stop at Chesterfield Reef, a marine reserve, which is half way to Bundaberg.
Rising the flags, Q flag and the very special flag of Vanuatu (independence 1980). 
The bay of Port Vila where we are anchored.
Fresh peanuts are just some of the nuts at the market.
Fred are buying fresh basil. Look at all this nice fresh herbs!!!!! 
Then Fred made a beautiful pesto!!!  Mums!!!!
Amazing market.

P1080797 (1).jpg
It says: If you want to go with the ferry you hit the bell! So easy to understand??? So Fred did the kilim.
There are three official languages spoken here: French, English and Bislama
I LOVE YOY - Sand hand painting
And YES this time we where lucky to buy duty free!! Not bad at all. Best buy for a loooong time!!!