Pozzallo - Last stop before wintering in Licata

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Tue 4 Oct 2016 05:37
36 43 05N 14 50 11E Pozzallo at anchor, stop 186 since we left Hindeloopen (NL) 2014.

Today was a slow day of motoring a bit of sailing, 43 Nm. 
For a while we where very tempted to make a ditour to Malta together with Monika and Sten (S/Y That is it) based on Malta.
Malta is "just" 60 Nm from the south tip of Sicily.
But we don't trust the weather in October and just to play it safe we changed our minds and stuck to the original plan.
This means that tomorrow we will be in Licata.
From Pozzallo there is a superfast ferry to Malta, 90 minutes (for us about 12 hours).
And talking to Karolina, our daughter, last night she's never been to Malta and wish to go there.  
We will go together with her in December.