Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Wed 21 Mar 2018 19:38
14 44 50N 61 10 54W St Pierre at anchor.

After one night anchoring in Marine and topping upp with food and vine from Leader Price, we are now in St Pierre. Perfect sailing, 7-8 knots most of the time.
Arriving here in St Pierre at 11 am and clearing in att the tourist/custom office!? Very, very easy we did'nt even have to show our passport? But of course, we are i the EU!!

Well, changes of plans!
We are on "fast feet" North to Antiqua to meet our sailig friends Anne and Kess. We all felt we would like to meet again once again before our sailing ways goes in diffrent directions. They are in St Barth going South to Antiqua and hopefully we will be there the day after tomorrow.

At 2 pm tonoght we will continue to Dominica, 53 Nm away, and stay for one day.
We will be more then happy to spend some money there.

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