Baume les Dames, PK 110

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Thu 9 Apr 2015 19:36
47 20 47 N  06 21 52 E

Time to wake up, 7:30, freezing cold about 3 C degrees outside and 11 inside the boat.
No electricity at this mooring.
Stay in bed? Maybe. But after a short while the sun is out. Makes such a big difference.
At 9 we “hit” the first lock at the entrance of the tunnel, next 388 m of tunnel. Sun is warm. Another beautiful day.
Around noon it’s time to remove some cloths. 
In the afternoon it’s summer. Fantastic!
Today we travelled the river, the canal, and we was a tourist attraction at some locks …. all narrow, some with more shute then 
In a day in these conditions we travel just about 30 km:s, it’s very enjoyable but still like a work out pass, both for your mind
… and body. Wow! 
Grete was so happy touching grass bare foot again.
Birds are singing and our surroundings are getting more lush everyday now. 
Our idea today was to enjoy some grilled BBQ salmon. Of we went, on our bikes, to Super U. Bought some nice pieces of fish.
Suddenly the restaurant, basically on our door step, is open. BBQ, bye bye … 
Moored in front of the “capitanerie”, there is electricity & water, and the local restaurant. 
Having a typical French Ricard. 
You need to buy that in order to get internet, again, when it comes to WiFi La France is a retarded country.
Almost 8:30 and their is still day light.
Time for some tasty home made food. There will be “Kassler" with cheese baked in the owen, some strawberries from Spain (half price)
and chocolate ice-cream, the best, from Italy. No need for suffering.
Grete!!! (she’s also getting there) in the engine room at the moment, checking our motor water filter. Needs rinsing.
More or less full of green stuff every day.
Happy! After installing the new boiler there are no more issues about coolant. Thank God! We where very worried about that for a while.
See you tomorrow. Cheers!
PS It’s about just 9:30 PM and we are longing for the bed. Life is just so good.
Our mooring place