Port de plaisance Cergy

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Fri 17 Oct 2014 12:02
49 01 87 N 02 03 60 E

Today was a lazy day just 19 km and one lock. Nice.
At first we were alone in the lock, waiting for the "doors" to close. No closing, is something wrong? Then the lock master appeared and informed us that he had allowed a barge to lock with us. Hope it's ok for you to wait a little!?? Of course, we are not in a hurry and just a few minutes later barge Ideaal came in a hurry into the lock. It was just to hold tight on the ropes and the skipper shouted out "Sans Peur" (without fear) haha, you look scared!! And he had a big smile on his face, nice Dutch guy.
So far we have had very little problems here in France as come to us not speaking the language, and all the lock masters have been very understanding and helpfull.
Now we are moored, for two nights, in Port de plaisance Cergy. A crowded small marina and I don't think Fred would ever go in there with Sans Peur. We are just outside the entrance which means we are still on the river Oise.
Very Med atmosphere, nice and we are having a shover tonight!! We have to clean up before Max arrives.
Whaoo we will have a lot of "rock and roll" a barge just passed and it went very fast. We have to put out some more fenders.
Fred's out now to check the ropes and the fenders.
We haven't had electricity for some days so tonight we are going to spoil ourselves with lots of lights ON, dehumidifier ON, and our new heater (radiateur soufflant ceramique, that was difficult) ON...
Shower time!!!!

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Here she comes, barge Ideaal....

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A beautiful morning in October