Keppel Bay, Great Barrier Reef

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Thu 2 Jul 2020 07:47
Keppel Bay Marina 23 09 66S 150 47 13E

In a few days and around 200 Nm further North we hope to be in more warmer waters.
Already we have met quite a few sailors heading the same way. Nice.
The sailing community is fantastic. Sharing and funny encounters everywhere you go in the world.
We have made more encounters and new sailing friends in just a couple of weeks then we did in 7,5 months in Scarborough Marina.
Yes. It's really nice to be on the way again. There is always something around the corner.
Tomorrow we will sail back to Great Keppel Island, 10 Nm ca 2 hours, from here.
We are tired of just motoring now. So far we made ca 400 Nm and 75% motoring. 
Time to slow down and wait for the wind. Weather predictions are, as usual, nor very reliable.
And we need at least 10-15 knots to get anywhere, with some speed.
In a few days we will be in the famous Withsundays, a kind of arkipelago outside Airlie Beach. 
The water temp should be 24/25 then. 
Time to swim ... with the crocs and the man eating sharks. 

Steve St. Onge an catamaran Zoom, shared this with us. Never met them before.