Port Montenegro, Tivat - New bulletproof sails - Wow!

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Mon 15 May 2017 21:15
42 25 70N 18 41 78E Port Montenegro (but we are moored in front of a bar run by a local poor sailing club - Good on us!)

Hi friends,
What a day! A lot of action.
We are very happy to have all our new 3 sails on board finally. A bit nervous, a lot of money involved and prepaid ... but these Turkish brothers are a sailors dream.
Always at your service and happy.
Yes we got our sails made in Marmaris, Turkey, and shipped to Montenegro. 
So now we have 3 Hydra Net Polyant Radial (sail cloth made in Germany) - "Bulletproof" - sails. 
We got the sails delivered at the customs quay, tax free. Oh yes you safe loads of money 😁.
A nice surprise was that one of the Turkish brothers turns up with the sails ... and is happy to help us to install them and the new dynema halyards.
How good is that.

He/thay saw when they got onboard what we already knew ... the whole boat is full of dirty bloody sahara sand. Oh now! Your brand new sails will look like shit ... the boat needs to be cleaned.
Ok, we know we said. But how and where (we didn't want to pay the ridiculous money for mooring in the Arabic financed super expansive boring marina filled with oversized ugly motor yachts).
They made some phone calls and we ended up at this odd lovely place. There is water and a very inexpensive bar.
Tomorrow early we will clean the boat, it might rain tonight, and then our Turkish friends will come around 9 and we will finish the job.
All new sails will be hoisted tomorrow. WOW, exciting!
So far Montenegro has treated us very well.

​Entering the sheltered bay of Montenegro (like a big "fjord") surrounded with hills and mountains.  

​Here we are right now enjoying a cold beer after a hard days of sailing work.