Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Fri 9 Sep 2016 05:54
39 11 81N 20 11 19E  9-10 September  Paxoi, Port Gaios

Today we spotted Corfu for the first time.
We left from Preveza, staying there more then a week due to nice Scandinavian company (more then usual), an amazing trip to Meteora
(What a beautiful amazing lovely place) and the nasty weather.
We haven't had a drop of rain since Crete ... suddenly it was like being in a waterfall. Then thunder ... nasty swell ... and a lot of wind, +45 knots. 50 m:s of chain, Rocna Anchor ... we where safe ... but a lot of yachties had a scary time. To old, unexperienced ...
Before breakfast we had to help two yachts to leave for open water ... then it just continued the whole day.
So many scared oldies, so many damages ... just horrible.
As said; Everybody is a great sailor in calm waters.
Today we manage to leave, again nice weather but not to hot anymore. Nice.
We had a 30 Nm "sail", wind in the nose, today. According to the Pilot Book it should be almost impossible to find space here at this time of the year. Now we are moored in the most perfect location in front of Restaurant Mambo where even stifados are served, something we long for. Grete found out that the only olive oil the super fancy, former British luxury icon Harrods, are selling is cultuvated on this island.
Now it's almost 8, we are drinking GT:s, sun is down ... still light, perfect temperature ... and all these odd people passing by in front of us un the water front quay. 
Incredible fat ugly "cool" young people, on some charter boats. What happened! 
Some Italian youngsters look like they totally lost control about their appearance. Jesus!
On top of that you have some Americans ... shocking looks ... and the way they speak, are giving even me half deaf, soared ears.
Then these oldies, the guy thin and broken ... the lady covering the fat in an tent ... all looking half dead.
In a day or two we will be in Corfu, aiming for Mandraki Marina.