Coffs Harbour NSW

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Wed 21 Apr 2021 08:42
30 18 26S 153 08 64E
Wow! This is the place to be.
In our mind this is probably one of the best places, as a serious sailor, to visit.
Super friendly staff, perfect location, a lot of interaction with other sailors, beautiful surroundings, perfect sandy beaches,  ....
We wonder what was wrong with sailors arguing about this place. It can't be better.
And people seems to really care.
Maybe they where from Victoria.
It seems VIC people are very unsocial for some reason.
In three days here we spoke and interacted/socialised with more people then we did in 3,5 moths in Melbourne.
Friday we will continue to sail North. A day sail.
There we are moored in front of the marina office.
There was blowing a lot when we entered so in order not to cause any damage they choose to put us directly in front of the marina office.
Thank you!!
Easy and safe to get there ... and on top of that we got super discount, 50%. This means we only pay 25 AUD/night
This is the famous banana jetty. Now it is a iconic historical thing. Huge, and made of wood.
It was build in order to be able to ship bananas out of here. No more.
Now it's a tourist attraction.