Panama - Shelter Bay Marina, Colon

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Mon 16 Jul 2018 14:23

Shelter Bay Marina, Colon, Panama  09 22 09N 79 57 06W  6 - 16 July

Isla de San Andres, Colombia - Shelter Bay Marina, Panama

We desided to leave from San Andres earlier than planned. We had, together with all the others, problems with the anchor holding, the winds vere very strong and the bottom bad. We reanchored three times, never done that before! 

While watching footboll, Sans Peur had dragged more than 70 meters, scarry scarry......very close to a wreck....

The catamaran next to us left, going north, but came back after some hours. The Armarda did’nt allow them to continue. It was too dangerous. The wind was very strong.

The next day we contacted our agent, Rene, and asked him to prepare our Zerpa (sailing orders) so that we could take of in the afternoon. The wind was still strong but we were heading south so The Armarda let us leave without any problems.

The first 24 hours was very rough, like riding a wild horse. 

Then we had thunderstorms infront of us so Fred changed the course 45 degrease in order to avoid it. We did not get affected but still it is scarry with all the lightnings close to you. 

Our new Quantum Radar when set in weather mode is a great help to spot nasty weathers. 

Comming from the north (at first daylight) the first sight of Colon is the big fleet of cargo ships anchoring outside the breakwater, waiting to transit the Canal.

A very polite young (early bird) lady, at the Cristobal Signal Station, on VHF channel 12, gave all of us instructions what to do and when to do it. Christobal Port is very busy.

The marina is very nice and and it's a ”full-service marina”.

The restaurant serves exelent food and the bar has ”Happy Hour” every day 5pm to 8pm!!! During the W C Footboll most of us have been ”busy” in the bar.

A very small sailing community, most boats are waiting and preparing for the transit. Next to us we have Niklas on Hafsorkestern, he’s an old ”Viking Explorer”. Nice to have Swedish company. On Sundays there is a nice BBQ you can attend, bringing your own food and drinks, always nice and relaxed and of course a LOT of ”sailing stories” one worse than the other.

Twice we have been to Rey Supermarket in Colon now. The marina has  free shuttle service twice a day. It takes more than an hour to go there. On the way into town you cross the canal driving on one of the locks. On the way back you cross the canal with a small ferry.

There is a new brigde but there a missing two meters in the middle?? It looks crazy and are crazy, why do’nt they finnish it?? So close!!!

Actually we just heard that the brigde is finally completed.

It seems that everything in this country is slow motion.

The rain season is here! We have had a lot of very very heavy rain, at least we do’nt have to vorry about washing the boat.

But the sun is out as well now and then. It's like a normal Scandinavian summer but by far more humid, sometimes like being in a sauna.

We have managed to fix a lots of things during our time here. It is not that easy to get things done here but we are ok.

Tomorrow we are of to San Blas for two weeks. Together with Hafsorkestern and Niklas and Gina we will relax and enjoy the beautiful coral waters, the islands, and we hope for some encounters with the Kuna Indians.

Bill and Carolines Sail Loft

Fred tries to find the leak in the dinghy???

Nice cold lokal beer!

Niklas in front of S/Y Hafsorkestern

The sail loft

Crossing one of the locks

Our Panama cruising permit