Porec - A party place in a historic setting

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Sun 9 Jul 2017 18:22
45 13 80N 13 35 74E Porec 9-10 July, at anchor, even in the bay the charge you, 12 kunas a meter (22 Euros)

After we entered the mainland it feels like the further North we sail there are more and more tourists.
Less charter boats but plenty of tourists around on the shoreline and on the water.
More and more Italians of course. In this area they have two official languages, Croatian and Italian. 
Airtemprature is crazy, 38 in the shade. To much.
It's passed eight and still ...
Time for a swim, a GT, BBQ on the boat, some wine ...
Hopefully no rock and roll this night. Last night was terrible, big swell and lot of wind, not much sleep.