Leaving Australia in order to get a new 3 month tourist visa - Bangkok, Rangoon, KL & Bali

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Thu 27 Feb 2020 22:19
We took a cheap flight to Bangkok 18 January. And stayed and enjoyed a week here. Vibrating buzzing huge city.
As always we stayed at Ballys Suits in Sukhumvit. Close to the Skytrain and MRT. Makes it easy and inexpensive to get around.
The street life is amazing. Massage is sooo nice and affordable. Easy also to find bargains when it comes to cloths.
And dirt cheap pirate copies of all kind of movies. This time we had them downloaded to a usb stick. Better and safer than CDs.
So now we have 32 GB of new movies to look on our future night watches. 
Culinary highlights where as always Green Curry, Chicken cashew nut with roasted chili paste, ... and luxury salmon sashimi, made from fresh New Zealand, at Paragon Siams Gourmet Market. Although it's a very fancy place the price of this delicious sashimi is very reasonable and on top of that
you are aloud to buy and drink you own beer you buy in the market. 
Then we visited the highest bar in Thailand at 83rd floor, Baiyoke Sky Hotel. The platform is revolving.
Bangkok is really a very scary polluted big city now. It gets worse every year. Most people where masks of some sort.
It hard to se far and quit often the blue sky is gone. Very very scary. During our stay schools and universities was closed some days.
A visit to the worlds biggest crocfarm, +60 000, felt like a must. There was really many of them of all sort, sizes and ages.
But the farm it self looked very run down and miserable. Sad.
Another must, of course, is to visit and enjoy Thailands nowadays very well kept Buddha Tempels. Really colour full treasures.
We visited Wat Pho, temple of the reclining Buddha. Beautiful and massive.
The impression of the Chinese New Year celebration is huge everywhere. Fantastic colourful displays and decorations.