Leaving Marina Agios Nikolaos, after 9 months (2 Oct 22 - 2 July 23)

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Sun 2 Jul 2023 14:13

35 16 12N 25 43 51E Laguna Spinalonga, at anchor

Today, July 2, we leave Agios Nikolaos!

We have been here for nine months, arrived October 2 last year, so exact nine months.

We were ready to leave yesterday but it was too much wind. So this morning, again, we were up at 6 o’clock checking , perfeckt, NO wind.

The good thing with our delay was ”Happy Hour” at our neigbours, Sue and Jon, last night, and also Brigitte and Thomas (we will meet them again in Licata) was there. Very nice to meet up with these entertaining people. Lot of laughs.

So this morning everything was prepared. The main koncern was the diesel. Would it be possible to arrange with diesel on a Sunday?? YES!!!

We filled up 310 liters!

Off we go!! What a feeling!! We are heading to Elounda, passing good old Spinalonga!

Yes it feels so good to be on the way again! Nine months is too long to be in be in one place. 

But we will miss our friends Lana and Stefan.

Around 10 we were anchoring just outside Elounda, had a nice swim (27 °C, finally the water is temp is perfect). First swim in 9 months.

Happy hour now. Just relaxing and enjoying life. 

Finally we are on our way to Sicily. Slowly we will get back to Licata in about 2 months.


Spinalonga Island

Leaving Agios Nikolaos

IMG_3114.jpegcoming our wa
Diesel coming our way at 1,6 Euro / liter