Atlantic Crossing 2050 Nm, 15 days - Cape Verde to Barbados

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Mon 5 Feb 2018 07:50
Port St Charles, Barbados 13 50 80N 59 38 75W  

We arrived 5th February, about 7 in the morning (local time). 
No problems with jetlag, although the time difference from Cape Verde was 3 hours😁

Almost 15 days. It was actually 14 days and 23 hours when we dropped the hook outside Port St Charles.
It's hard to describe the feeling and the relief. Yes, yes we did it!
And all went well. No damages.
It was a safe passage and the wing on wing set up worked perfect.
We did 5,7 knots in average.

Anchored outside Port St Charles.

Cheers everyone!

Roberto, Grete and Fred