Fiji, Savusavu - More then 300 islands

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Fri 9 Aug 2019 04:42
Fiji, Savusavu  8 August   16 46 65S 178 20 16E
Vi are moored at a buoy in the creek in front of Marina Copra Shed.

This passage from Tonga was about sailing again. 400 Nm and three days on alone on the big blue.
We actually sailed the whole way. Arriving yesterday early morning.

Feels good to be here. A bit to hot maybe.

It took most of the day yesterday to clear in. 
Health, customs, immigration and biosecurity visited the yacht before we where aloud to leave the boat
and visit the small town.

There is a nice local fruit&veg market here. Prices are reasonable. Today we bought among other things passion fruit. Nice!

We where lucky meeting a Dutch couple in Tonga and they spend 5 months here last year.
They shared a lot of invaluable information. 
Now we will stay here at least  month exploring the island. There are more than 300.

During our passage we got this big Wahoo. 
The biggest fish so far. It was so heavy we almost didn't manage to get it onboard.
Exactly what we wanted. Now we have some really nice fish to eat the next days.

Today we had Poisson Crue (Polynesian speciality) for lunch. Sooo good.