Mast & Boom - Yes, safely onboard

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Wed 13 May 2015 14:30
48 54 63N 11 55 50E

Die Donau, Kelheim, Marina Saal, Km 2410


Suddenly this morning there was time to load our mast. WOW! 

Some seriously scary moments. This happy looking guy managed to drop the mast, yes he dropped the mast to the ground.
Does not look that we had some damageds. But when it fell it was woppling  like a worm. Not good. Seems though that the 
Swedish made Selden mast is a sturdy companion (we really hope).
Tomorrow we have to talk to the CEO of the harbour and our enjurance company, just in case.

Still we are very happy. 

Our new dear Austria friends helping out at the right moment. Thank you!
Yes, it’s there. 17,5 m of + 500 kg of mast.
Wood construction did not move a millimetre. Ye Ye, I now it’s my over kill way of doing things as always.
That’s my way. And I’m SOOOOOO relieved and happy. You can do it, but there will always be some scary moments.
Maybe that’s what’s life really is about.

Black Sea next.