Dugong (WOW) - North Keppel Island

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Fri 3 Jul 2020 09:23
North Keppel Island, at anchor 23 03 42S 150 53 20E

Nice. Here we are at anchor ... and still we have the Internet Hotspot. 
This anchorage in shallow water 2-5 meters, a lot of tide. Happy we have low drought. 
By far much better than horrible Great Keppel Island.
We have never ever seen a dugong showing itself like this before (we have just seen one before). 
It was clearly annoyed by us anchoring in his territory. Came up close to the yacht and checked us out.
Then he (we think it was he because he was not that big) was around us all day and afternoon.

Yes it was a relaxed day.
Here our dugong is again.
This is how we spend the afternoon. Just relaxing.
Full moon and always a nice sun set,

Tomorrow we hope to be able to SAIL further North. 40 Nm, early start, to Pearl Beach.