Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Thu 1 Sep 2016 15:26
38 50 00N 20 42 69E Lefkas 29/8 - 1/9 
Still sunny and very hot, to hot. And no shore power ... means no AC.
We are waiting, still, for some spare parts in order to be able to repair our generator. 
They will be shipped to Nautilus, a Greek marine supplier.  While waiting we rented a scooter, as usual.
The whole island is crowded with sunny seeking tourists from Greece and Bulgaria, Rumania, Serbia, Albania, ...
all of  them driving very fancy cars ... !? ... hum. 
A very beautiful beach ... but to many cars and people.
Lefkas is divided from the mainland by a canal and connected with a turning bridge.
This is 1st of Sept and we are on our way to Preveza just 9 Nm North.
We finally managed to reapir our generator and it seems to work properly again. 
Nautilus was a well stocked store and we ended up with two big black fenders and some other stuff.
By now we also know that we will add some solar power. 
That yellow thing has been shining constantly since we left Crete.