Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Sat 3 Sep 2022 19:30
36 20 76N 25 23 88E 

t is something very speciell to sail into this huge caldera. Difficult to emagine the size of the explosion  that produced it.
Oia, Fira and all the other white buildings looks like snow on top of the mountains.
The volcano is still active so it’s a bit scary to sail around knowing it’s a big volcanic crater.

We are at a bouy at Akrotiri, very close to the famous Red Beach. 
Whaoo there are so many tourists on this island. It seems that everybody will go sailing, be on the water. Today we had  plus 30 catamarans crossing around us and full packed with happy tourists. 

Yesterday we took the local bus to Lidl, did some grocery shopping, speciel thing we like from Lidl, cheese, bacon, frech pasta and some bottles of gin and local wine.
The plan was that today, Saturday, to go to Fira and Oia, but during this night huge swell came into the bay. Everybody was jumping around, really bad and after a check on Windy, where the weather forecast says VERY windy, from Monday and the whole week, we decided to mowe on to Astipalia to anchor in a, hopefully, safe bay.