Rental car experience - Whisper Power generator never ending miserable story - Cartagena

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Fri 1 Sep 2017 21:54
37  35 79N 00 58 66W  Marina YPC, Cartagena 

We arrived a few hours ago. Happy to be in a marina. But this is another expensive parking lot for boats/yachts.
Very basic service. OK a friendly marinero. Water is extra, electricity is extra, WiFi is extra ... 
Do we get anything extra ... no no ... be happy just pay.

Sometimes we really doubt that the so called sailing in The Med is "worth it". Sailing is zero to none, motoring 90%.

At anchor we are pleased, as most long term sailors.

This is still Alicante.

We rented a car, 12 Euros for 2 days, unbelievable, of course it was a mistake, bur not ours but theirs.
They tried to charge us 91 Euros for petrol??? in advance. No, no, no ... this is a full to full agreement.
At the end they have to give up. 
Total petrol consumption in two days was 25 Euros. 


We found our spare part, 40 km:s away, for our generator. My God this has been a costly unreliable experience. 
Whisper Power "made in Holland" seems be to a big scam. Super expensive shit, and no good support.
Made to be used in a marina, we think (where you don't need it).
Anything we would recommend ... Yes ... to our worst enemy.
So far the expense is about 20.000 Euros, and it has been running 80 hours (yes 80 hours) with three very costly break downs.
Support very unreliable, super expensive spare parts, very hard to find reliable technicians with proper know how ... 

I think this company will be out of business soon. Sad in a way for us. But its not Dutch mad, just a fancy design, motor is Mitsubishi and so on.
To sophisticated ... we think. Made in a dream tank in Holland. Never proved on the Ocean.

Do NOT buy this super expensive shit!

We reached Cartagena today. First impression. What??? Do yachties really spend a winter in this place.

Time to leave the Med now and hopefully reach some real sailing genuine, adventures, experiences.

This is just a yawn.

Yes, I/We are in a bad sailing mode today.