Leaving Europe mainland for Madeira Group, Porto Santa (450 Nm)

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Fri 29 Sep 2017 09:27

This was our sail configuration for most of the crossing. Pooled out yankee and a very much reefed main. Still doing very good speed.

It took us 68,5 hours, much faster then we thought, to cover 450 Nm (average sailing speed 6,6 knots). And we sailed the whole distance.

​29th of September 37 06 44N  08 40 23W

We leave Sopromar and Lagos around 10 and drop the anchor just outside the channel which is the entrance to Lagos.

Late breakfast. It feels good to be in the water again after 11 days on the hard but no way we can stay here, the swell is terrible. We decide to move on.

At 13 we start our journey to The Madeira Group. First stop will be on the small island Porto Santo.

Last evening we had a glas of wine on SP together with a very nice swedish couple, LeneBritt and Kent from the boat Noa-Noa. 

The day before they took us on a sight seeing trip in the area with their car and we were able to fill up our gas bottle. Thank you so much!

In a way it feels strange to leave the European mainland. But also very, very exiting. 

The Atlantic Sea adventure that, especielly Fred have dreamt about for many years, has started!!

At the beginning we have to sail close to land in order to be able to sail and we use all our sails, it's head wind.

But as soon as we reach open sea we really got fantastic sailing winds, 25 to 35 knots half wind. Perfect.


30 September

We have been sailing the whole night and we have made very good speed. Between 6 and plus 9 knots. Sometimes it felt a little too wild. 

The vawes are a bit scarry and crazy, just a small moon in the beginning of the night the rest of the night it was pitch black. Out here there is no ”Med temperture” quite cold but luckely we have our deck house. 

We have 2 hours watch and most of the time we sit inside reading and every 15 minutes there is a check for boats. 

Our plotter with AIS works perfect and we are very happy for our new radar. Super!! 

1 October

Now it’s 7.30 and it’s a bit calmer, it is cloudy so no beautiful sunrice today.

It has been a good start and we hope for fair winds for the next days. We have 356 NM to go!

Actually the sun just broke through the clouds and I think we will have another perfect day on the Atlantic Sea.

Now it’s the third day SAILING. We have very good speed but the waves are huge and very speciel, we are rock’n rolling, my God!! But the wind is stable, between 25 to 35 knots, our average speed is 6.7 knots. At the moment we just use our pole with the Yankee out and more than 3 reef mainsail, works very well.

For once, Mr Perkins is resting. We have SAILED 315 NM, approx 130 NM to go!

Hope to arrive in Porto Santo habour tomorrow before lunch.

PS Our generator is running just now, what a wonderful sound and it works perfect!!!!

PPS Sans Peur is like a ballerina! She just dance together with the big waves. Feels so safe and secure! She is our lovely big lady!! 26 ton she is!!! Thats what they said in the Sopromare ship yard  after taking her out of the water. 

​First sun set 

Very super dirty tired working hands. 10 days of hard labour.

​But Sans Peur is happy, "manicured and pedicured". Cleaned, polished, new antifouling, new anodes ....

Ready to go into the water and well prepared for our new big adventure.