Kefallonia, Fiskardho - Chartermania

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Wed 24 Aug 2016 18:46
38 27 69N 20 34 56E 24 August

​This is almost as bad as Hydra, but more space and more vessels. 
Is there anything special about this place. As far as we can seen, NO. Same tavernas, .... 
We leave first light tomorrow.
Anyway we had a short early sail today, just 15 Nm, from Ithaca, the famous neighbour island. Means, when arriving early, there will be space and easy for us to berth in a good location. Time to check the place out. It's not that big. 
Soon the harbour starts to fill up. 
There must be at least hundred sailing yachts here, basically all of them chartered. With or without captain. 
And all these catamarans. 
On top of this you have all the motor yachts, most of them also charter boats. All arriving late and taking up a lot of "space".
Then some Turkish Gulets arrive.
And at the same time ferries and crowded causing boats arrive.
Where is this going to end?
I mean taking people 15-30 Nm from one small harbour to the next. And all offering basically the same thing.
There was one huge motor yacht, charging 350.000 Euro a week. What!
We are now moving slowly towards North ... Leaks, Preveza, Corfu.
Tonight there are the first signs of autumn. A bit cool, windy, black clouds, thunder ... Still temperature is perfect just now, 21:30.
Sitting outside, drinking wine (from Lidl, Pinotage South Africa), writing a bit, reading and relaxing.
Grete made an excellent burger tonight, minced meat from the butcher at Ithaca. 
Spending money in this major tourist trap ... don't think so.
There have been so many real nice genuine and beautiful places in Greece, but this area ... 
No we long for Italy.