On the hard, 2 - 11 June

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Sat 11 Jun 2016 16:03
This was tough work from sunrise to sunset every day. 
The main concern was the propeller. The cavities from corrosion has not made any major damage. 
Two tests made ring the bell with a hammer and polish and see if the right colour is there. All ok.
We added two new zink anodes. One for the shaft and a new M22 nut with anode attached.
And then Jerry added some advice. Fill the cavities with metal epoxy. Done.
New nut with anode send express DHL (76 Euros) from Exalto in Holland.
Propeller should be safe and protected now. And we learned a lot of new stuff, again.
Being a sailor you wont't need any Sudukos.

While on the hard we got the boat high pressure cleaned and then ...
10 liters of black Hard Antifouling (bought in Sweden) and then realising after one coat that there is not enough paint. Oh no.
No Hard Antifouling in Greece. Trilux 33, slow polishing, is the only option available. Black, out of stock. Shit shit shit.
What to do? Udo manage to find 5 liters plus 2 x 0,75 liter naval blue Trilux 33 in Athens. 
Next day it was, surpraisingly, there.
Done. We are wrecked but very happy. 
At least 2 coats everywhere and 3 or 4 coats on the waterline, rudder, lifting keel, bow thruster and edges.
Jerry again came with some smart comments. Thank you.
"No problem this is the perfect combination. Black hard and  then blue polishing on top. You will know when it's time to put new slow polishing TRilux 33 on." Sometimes it comes out wright without going it.
We also had time to mend the scratches on the Awlgrip paint (above waterline) from the narrow canals in Europe,
and the wound caused by strong Meltemi in Turkey (that was new to us at that time) and then hurricane in Spinalonga (we almost went onground in 70 knots of wind, 45 minutes later it was gone). 

There was even time to clean and polish some parts of the hull with AwlCare. Another tough job.
Grete is definitely recovered. Works like a maniac. Good job.
After AwlCare job there is no way to stick anything to the surface.