Mazagon, Atlantic - Last port in Spain

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Thu 14 Sep 2017 17:16
37 08 08N  06 50 32W Mazagon, a daysail from Cadiz

Tomorrow we will leave Spain for Portugal.

About 56 Nm is "Faro" where we will stay at anchor at Culatra.
It will be start at first light, about 7:30. Sunrise around 8.

Probably we will arrive just before sunset.

According to PredictWind we might get half wind. All sails up, hopefully.
Even the main, which Grete really trusts. More happy with frontsails, furling yankee and cutter. Safe and easy.

Anyway we will get there motoring or sailing. 

We are really looking forward to get to Portugal and Lagos now.

A new big adventure is around the corner.

And now we have some new friends which we haven't met yet.
Viking Explores, the Swedish ARC. How good is that.

We where planning to cross from Gran Canaria to Middle America via Cape Verdes at the beginning of January 2018.

And they have the same agenda. Nice!

So we just joined the "Swedish ARC". Looking forward to meet the other guys participating.

Just now at anchor in a very sheltered site with good holding. 
Sun is out. T-shirt, shorts and bare foot. About an hour before sunset (around 20:00).
Enjoying a tasty take free GT from Gibraltar, Bombay Sapphire. A favourite.

Today was a long but easy day in a sailors life.