A visit to the taylor in the bazar of Izmir

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Sat 8 Aug 2015 20:50
8 August Levent Marina (6-9 August)
The only yacht marina in Izmir, a tiny one. There is about 3 million people living here.
The famous Clock Tower, must see, been ticking since 1901 when the modern Turkey was borne.

At the Bazar. This huge labyrinth of narrow alleys. No way to keep your orientation.
We needed to cut and taylor some cloths, we bought at IKEA, for our sleeping madrases (camping gear) we use in the cock pit
in order to sleep in this heat.
Yes there is where hi is doing his work.
After one hour it was ready, total cost 6 Euros. And now we have 4 nice covers.
Still it will be hard to sleep tonight. There is a mariiage celebration in the marina just now.
Lot of noise. And we need to leave early before the Meltemi picks up.