Leaving Townsville 22 Sept - Arriving Melbourne 8 Nov / 1812 Nm - Melbourne City Marina

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Wed 30 Dec 2020 08:53
Melbourne City Marina (dead centre in a booring concrete jungle, a super expensive parking lot)

Australia is huge and not very sailor friendly. A lot of challenges when it comes to tides, bars, currents and very fast shifting weather conditions. One of the most demanding in our 7 year circumnavigation. On top of that there are very few places where you are able to safely anchor and most "marinas" are not marinas but parking lots for yachts, mostly motor yachts. Basical\ly no really sailing community. Not like any other place we been so far in the world.
A lot of motoring, not much sailing. 
One of the most demanding "sails" we did in 7 years.
Anyway we managed to get to Melbourne and happy we are here. 
Our plan was to leave this year in April/May. Covid really fucked up everybody normal lives.
When and where? We really like to sail towards The Med now. 

Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 20.05.50.jpeg
Scarborough Marina (Brisbane) - Melbourne, 1125 Nm. This was very demanding and rough. We would not recommended any sailors to do it.
Magnetic Island close to Townsville. A wild koala.
Arriving at Melbourne.

Melbourne City Marina. One international sailing yacht, ours.