Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Fri 17 Jun 2016 13:39
35:30.57N 27:12.69E  - Pigadhia, Karpathos 15-18 June

15/6 Early morning, 05:30 before sunrise, we left Sitia. Distance to Pighadia was about 75 Nm. This leg has an infamous reputation wind and weather wise.
Nice and calm when we left. Almost no wind. Without notice there is huge swells and no wind. Rock'n roll. Worst we had so far. Everything is crashing around. Why did,t we prepare as experienced sailors always do. To long stay in the marina getting sloppy lazy. 
Then the wind came, most of the time 25-35 knots. Better. With just yankee 7 cutter we did plus 7-9 knots. Directions changed a bit but always god sailing. 11 hours, almost 7 knots in avearge.
10 hours sailing.
Sans Peur is a serious safe sailor.
Passing Kassos. 
Pigadhia, the main port of Karpathos.
Safely moored. There was one space left. At the moment there are two sailing boats here.
Time to explore a bit.
Main attraction on this harsh wind blowed island, the mountain village Olympos.
Spectacular views.

And nearby, 8 km, the perfect relaxed beach.
Modern Greek art??!!
Karpathos is a very beautiful island with less then 6000 inhabitants.

Tomorrow at sunrise we will leave for Lindos, Rhodes, 67 Nm.
And there will be sailing wind (according to the weather reports), another tough strait to pass they say.