New super anchor swivel - New diving gear

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Sat 5 Nov 2016 11:05
Ultra Marine self righting swivel, tested braking load ca 9 tons.
Finally we feel safe and it will be a lot easier to hoist the anchor in the future.
Took two years to find the right one.
A 33 kg Rocna, 10 mm Cromox super strong stainless steel and Lofrans Falcon is a very good combination
but the very weak swivel was a concern during some hard strong wind conditions and the fact that it was not self lightning
also caused extra work and a bit of worries sometimes. End of that. Good.

We rinsed, checked and marked our 80 m Cromox chain. Anhcor box also got washed out with fresch water.
Brrr! But still about 20 degrees in the water. But after an hour in the water I really needed a long hot shower.
There is 3,8 m ... but visibility is almost zero. So much stuff in the water and the growth on the hull is scary.
Anyway anodes, propeller and bow thruster got cleaned and checked today and also the hull was cleaned.

Fred has bought a 12 l diving bottle and a full diving suit with hood now in order to keep warm and to be able 
to check the hull regularly during the winter.