Aschaffenburg, river Main, km 87,8 - Complete stop, locks are closed

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Mon 20 Apr 2015 20:00
49 57 84N 09 08 17E

7 locks on river Main and we are …. what? …. trapped …. locked in …. or just in a new nice environment to be be explored.

At km 87,8 km we suddenly had no choice to stop, locks closed until Friday, 12:00. 

Entering a very narrow side canal, depth? … 1,1 .. 1,4 … 

Very small private “marine clubs” not actually marinas.

But what a welcome, everybody just everybody, is out there helping and greeting (What a beatiful yacht!).
Langsam, langsam … a lot of cheerful hands and instructions …  

This place is just what we need, curious helpful people, interesting historic surroundings.

A local large Bayern beer at the club 1,5 E. Thank you! Can we have two?

A liter of proudly made, local of course, Franken Wine, 7,5 E. 

Live is just god, again. And it’s summer!