Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Tue 1 Aug 2023 18:17
39 05 76N 17 07 16E Crotone, at anchor 1-2 August 2023

Today we left Gallipoli first light, 05:45. 71 Nm to go today. Motor sailing. It was a long day. 
Safely anchored in about 7 meters (good holding). Dinner and now sunset. In an hour or so we will go to bed.
It's a bit windy at the moment, 20-25 knots but it will calm down later.
Early start tomorrow again. It's calm weather mostly at sunrise and later it will start to blow a bit again. 
Hopeful we will be able to sail a bit tomorrow.
The sun is always out. Sometimes too hot. Grete is sleeping in the master cabin both fans full speed. I, Fred, always sleep in the cockpit (nice and cool).