Yacht Club - Miro Marina - Komarno, Km 1767

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Sun 31 May 2015 21:47
47 45 48N 18 05 86E  Komarno, Slovakia, 31 May - 1 June

One of the few locks left to be made, this is the 486 for us since leaving Holland, sharing with 3 barges and a disaster of mosquito like diesel smoking fast (about 70 km?hour) monster from Budapest.
About 1800 km:s left … and just another 3 locks. Piece of cake.
And it is all downstream. Means we are doing 15 to 20 km:s an hour. That's fast. 
We met a, again, another very interesting nice guy. From Holland. Going “home” from Black Sea” doing 3,8 km/hour, means hard struggeling going upstream.