Isla de Culebra, Puerto Rico (US)

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Sun 15 Apr 2018 21:39
18 23 34N 65 18 35W  Ensenada Honda (bay), Isla de Culebra, at anchor 

We arrived from Redhook Bay, St Thomas USVI to this small island close to Puerto Rico.
Clearance was no problem. And now we have a crushing permit for US waters valid for a year.
It's a bit weird sailing around these islands, in a very short distance you move from a very distinct culture to another.
Today we went from very much USA to Spain. Yes, although US, we are in a Spanish talking country. 
Easygoing, relaxed and much more inexpensive. 
There is no charter catamarans here or any charter sailing company. How good is that. 
All sailors in the bay here are mono hulls and from all over the world.

Yesterday our freezer stop working. Not again. Shit, shit, shit ... We had to through away basically everything in it.
It really has to be fixed properly now. We will need it for our Pacific crossing.

And our expensive Mastervolt Gel batteries are basically gone, just after three years. 
Not made for serious sailing. Made for day sailing and staying in marinas.

We are looking for Lithium batteries now.

In a few days we will move to the "mainland" Puerto Rico (it's a big island).
Puerto del Rey is supposed to be the biggest marina in the Caribbean and we will check it out tomorrow.
Taking the ferry from Culebra early morning to Puerto Rico.

Our hope is that we will be able to solve our problems there. 

Mamacitas. Our water hole.

A new way to explore a small island, a golf cart. There are a few narrow streets and a few beautiful, not over crowded, sandy beaches.
Plenty of places to anchor your yacht.
Last time we saw a shark jaw like this was in Maldives 1980. This is a huge Tiger shark just caught.
We found the jew at a jetty in the sun. Sad to see that people still catch these predators.
On one of the beaches.  This is what we like.