Funchal, Madeira

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Mon 9 Oct 2017 13:14
32 38 75N 16 54 44W  Moored in the "New" marina in Funchal (about 10 berths run by the local authorities)

We had a day sail, motoring from Porto Santo, to Funchal Madeira.
Through the marina management in Porto Santo we got a berth reserved dead center Funchal.
There is only 10 berths available so you have to book well in advance.
The old yacht marina seems to be full all the time.

Anyway we are happy to be here, moored alongside first night. 20-30 knots of sidewind, took some time to get into a very narrow space.
Next morning, no wind, we moved to our berth.

There was a bit of horror when we connected shore power. Our new 24/100 A charger did not charge our batteries. Doesn't work with the generator either.
Means only possibility at that very moment was to run Mr Perkins in order to get our batteries charged. Night mare, again.

With help from fellow sailors and a friendly local electrician the problem and failure is located. A 63 A fuse is gone. As always located in a most unreachable location
and not very easy to find. Electrical drawings ... there's a lot to be asked for ... and improve.

Turns out when we changed our Mastervolt Mass 24/50 A to a larger one, 24/100 A the fuse was not changed to fit the new instalment. You would think the pro who installed would think about that ... but no.

This means beeing in warmer waters and higher temps the charger never loaded above 50-60 A because the temp sensor would limit the load.
But beeing in the Atlantic water, much cooler water and temp. Suddenly we load +90 A and the 63 A fuse of course brakes.

We put in a 80 A just for a try while the electrician was trying to find a proper new fuse, 125 A.
The 80 was glowing hot, impossible to touch, in no time.

You learn and you learn and you learn ... as said no need for soduko being on a yacht.

We will stay here for some days now exploring this hilly,lush and historical interesting island.
And of course wait for the right winds before we continue to Islas Canaries, about 270 Nm and 2 night sails away.
First island will be La Graciosa or La Palma spending on the wind. 

Madeira, first sight.

Another very strange landing strip (Gibraltar was very odd as well).
Thats Funchal.
Here we are in the safe corner in the "new" marina.
Down there we are.