Getting ready to leave Indonesia

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Tue 30 Nov 2021 09:38
01 11 82N 104 05 76E

Nongsa Point Marina, Pulau (island) Batam, Indonesia

We have been here now for almost a week. The marina is ok and just across the strait is Singapore and Malaysia to be seen.

Since we arrived in Kupang 4 of October we have made 18 stops and covered 1772 Nm.

We will leave for Phuket on Thursday morning 2nd of December.

In order to get into Thiland we need to use an agent because of Covid.
We have endless contacts with our agent Jojo in Phuket. Lots of paper work and they need so much information about us. Why? Do they think all sailors are criminals? However the paperwork is almost ready now. Our departure papers are signed and tomorrow we will fill up diesel.

We need to do 6 knots all the way to be able to arrive at 7AM, that is orders from Jojo?!
But ”A sailor arrives when the weather allows him to”.
Now we cross our fingers and hope that Thailand will still be open for us when we arrive.

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The flaggs are ready to be hoisted. We are ready and Sans Peur is ready🤞
Malaysia is perhaps a little unsure at the moment?! A stop on the way there would have been nice.

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Nongsa Point Marina

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Cargo ships waiting outside Singapore