Leaving Montenegro - Entering Croatia

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Wed 31 May 2017 11:02
Sunj, Lopud Island, Croatia  42 40 77N 17 57 20E

This morning we left Montenegro after 16 days.

We went to the customs office to check out. "You have to go to the Harbour Masters office first"!! 
OK, one kilometer away we finally "find" the office. A very very small sign on the wall with very very small text said Harbour Master.
Back to police and customs, BANG, BANG, two stamps and we are ready to leave the country. 
In Montenegro they are very good at making non complicated matters complicated. 

We have had a great time in Montenegro. Thank you, Maja and Finn for taking care of Sans Peur while we where trawelling around by car.

​HRVASKA. This means Croatia. How you will pronounce it? We have no idea.
They use Kuna not Euro. 1 Euro = 7,5 Kuna how easy was that to get used to!

Off we go! 
It's a beautiful day, no wind but we both really enjoy to be on our way again and back on the big blue. Lunch in cockpit wearing bikini and shorts, first time this sailing season.
Grete on watch.

Approaching the old town of Dubrovnik.

We where supposed to clear in at Cavtat but the office was closed. It's supposed to be open now ... but not.
Next possibility is Gruz in Dubrovnik. Easy mooring at the customs jetty. 
We are in shorts and bare foot. Border Police comment; "Don't forget the shoes" (with a big smile).
Clear, easy, took all in all about 30 min. Harbour Master office a bit away as usual. 
Why are they never close to Border Police and Customs? Strange.
Saling permit (3 months) and tourist tax, 1550 Kuna (about 200 Euros) no credit card excepted only cash?!
These guys really like a bit of formalities; paperwork, scanning and copying different documents.
But they where all nice and polite.

​Anchoring in a nice smalll bay, beautiful sunset. WOW! What a day!
Looking forward to spend more then a month exploring Croatia.