Kos - What a waist of money!!

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Fri 8 Jul 2022 04:09

56 53 56N 27 18 09E Kos Island Marina

Arrived 4 July - Tomorrow we will leave 8 July
What a waist of money!

The only reason we motored here was that our dinghy Tohatsu two stroke finally failed to work after 6 years. This engine is a super hero.
We got i fixed. 

Sitting in a marina with absolute no atmosphere together with basically only charter yachts and supermotor yachts. No serious sailors around. 

Paying 50 Euros a night for a super booring meltemi blowing parking lot?!

Happy we are able to leave tomorrow. 

We will try to avoid marinas as much as we can. We love to be anchored.

So now our plan is to go more to the North (where be have been before) to avoid the pest of incapable cheap charter yachts. 
Against the infamous Meltemi. We can fix it. After Red Sea anything is a piece of cake.

And then slowly sail South again to Crete.

Marina Island Kos 
Ridicolous 50 Euro per night for a parking lot.


As a sailor. Do not go here.