Ponce, La Guancha - Installing new survive bank, 4 x Lithium 100 Amp 12 volt

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Mon 30 Apr 2018 11:39
This has been our mind for a long time now.

Matervolt Gel really sucks.
They are safe but not made for true sailing. In & out of a fancy marina with shore power the it works.

True adventurous  sailing with long crossings and staying at anchor. They are really costly a pain in the ass.

After days of research and contacts over Skype with US mainland we finally managed to find ReLion non the island.
There is no way they will ship Lithium batteries anymore from US mainland.

The majority of mainland US citizens still think that Puerto Ricans are not US??!!
They are full members.

So here we are installing our new batteries. 

The President of the local company, Jose, the guy left of my bum, was really putting his full heart into this.
Helpfull and very resourceful.

Nandi was a great help, he had the strength to get our heavy batteries out of the hull.
At the moment just watching.

It turns out that the President was a, believe or not, wa a hear surgeon, did 15 hearts last months. 
He was thrilled about about the new source of energy. 
Puerto Rico are the second biggest state in US using solar power, means you need a somewhere to store the energy.
Lithium batteries is by far the future for this.

200 kg of lousy batteries out.

​400 Amp 12 volt installed. Means 200 Amp 24 volt and you can use basically 100%. Yes!