George Town, Grand Cayman

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Mon 25 Jun 2018 19:50
George Town, at a buoy  22-27 June 19 17 82N 81 22 95W

​We cleared in at George Town. Port Security met us and we where pointed to a fix buoy.
There was no cost to clear in and to stay at the bouy is for free.
It's low season but still very sunny and hot. A bit of rain during the day.
Water is very clear and there are even corals and fish next to our yacht. Nice.
At the moment we are just 4 visiting yachts here.
George Town is a major port for cruise ships. Not very exciting or thrilling for yachtsmen.
And the price level is murderous. By far the most expensive island we have visited so far in the whole of Caribbean.
Even if we could afford it we would not spend that kind of money in a restaurang.
Supermarket, my good. Ridiculously expensive.

This have been our home base. AC and WiFi, sea view and a dingy ride to the yacht.

The other day we did some exploring by Public Bus (minivans). The driver was from Jamaica.
It was like having your personel guide. We saw half the island. Not much to see, basically hotels and villas.
The number one attraction is the beaches and the under water world.

Tomorrow we will check out. Then fill up tax free disel.

First light Wednesday we will head for Isla Providencia (Bolivia), ca 350 Nm south towards Panama.