Leaving Hungary, entering Croatia at km 1433

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Tue 9 Jun 2015 22:19
45 33 76N 18 40 84E  Osijek, Croatia - 20 km:s upstream Drava/Drau

What a wonderful cool morning! Sun is up, no wind. Perfect!
Early start, very early, around 6:30. Today we have to travel 120 km:s and manage a border crossing. Going from Hungary to Croatia.
At Mohacs in Hungary we need to clear out from Hungary, a part of EU, entering another part of EU, should be easy … but not.
The whole building is just full of all kind of “important people” trying to make them self important, what’s wrong? Police, custom, water police, …
All carrying guns ... like in the good old cold war days.
And of course our papers are all wrong … captains Swedish Diplomas no good, ship registration papers from The Netherlands not sufficient  (very expensive to get I can tell you, took two months).
So here we are at the border of EU, not entering but leaving EU, after travelling since September last year, crossing 5 countries on canals, rivers, … having problems.
The guy causing most of the fuss is the “Wasser Polizei” (water police). “Need to call my boss.” “Need to fine you.” 56 Euros it will cost us … got to be paid in 30 days??? But we are leaving now for Croatia!
“Then do not pay … still I have to do my job … have a good journey.” 
On top of this they are not really happy with us when we tel them that we are not going to clear in to Serbia at the border crossing where three countries meet (km 1433), Hungary, Serbia and Croatia. 
Last time we pass here, 2009, we entered Serbia. Now we want to visit Croatia (as said another EU country). Should not be a problem … we hope.
From here we will go to Vukovar and then enter Serbia at Novi Sad. 
Either it will work smoothly … or the Serbs will make a big fuss. But that is problems of the future.

Border crossing 
Another good meal in friendly country