Rain, rain, rain....

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Wed 20 Aug 2014 06:48
It has been raining for four days, heavy rain all day long. The summer has gone and it really feels like autum, brrrr it is cold.
Today de Vries Sails were here taking measures for our new sprayhood.
Thursday last week was not a good day for us. We desided to take out the old fridge and put in the new. We started without thinking and planning in advance, so stupid!
Instead of protecting the kitchen countertop we made some very nice schrates on top of it and when moving furter up in the deck house we made som very nice schrates on the nav table.
To be able to get the fridge out of the boat we removed the bimini which has to be seperated from the sprayhood with a zipper. The zipper broke and Fred made a hole in the sprayhood by accident. Of we vent to de Vries Sails to repair the sprayhood, without it we are really in deep s......"The sprayhood is rutten, you need a new one" NO, NO, NO....you just see money flying away. The "funny" thing is that they repered and put in new windovs in the sprayhood not more than two and a half months ago. No it's not funny but we really need a new one.
Will we get it back before Christmas...........???
It's a never ending story.

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