Mont de Billy Tunnel, 2302 m

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Sat 8 Nov 2014 16:38
49 07 02 N   04 14 79 E

7 November, Sillery, Champagne

Le Canal de l’Aisne a la Marne - 58 km, 24 locks and one tunnel

Leaving Sillery around 10:30, drizzling rain, a bit chilly (are we staying another night ???).  Today we are facing 11 narrow locks and a tunnel.

3 locks upstream. Then Mont de Billy Tunnel, 2,3 km just straight through the mountain. Narrow, bimini down, fenders low, Grete on one side and Max on the other. All went well.Perfect crew. Sans Peur, “Without Fear”, goes with the crew. The Captain not so fearless.

Sun is out. Makes, somehow, life easier, always. 8 locks down, slow moving barges.

We managed 25 km:s in 6,5 hours. This is really slow motion.

Just after the last lock, Cond’e-sur-Marne, a small crowded deserted marina. Luckely, it’s getting dark, there’s a jetty where we can moore for the coming night.
Generator running, some hot gluwein (glögg from IKEA) and soon there will be some nice hot food on the table (Grete is preparing Frankfurters, fried eggs and *Heinz baked beans).

*Fred, when he finally managed to find them, bought the whole stock.

Tomorrow we will enter a new canal, Le canal lateral a la Marne.