Entering Cuba at Cayo Granada (6-7 June)

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Wed 6 Jun 2018 21:01
20 37 35N 78 14 90W Cayo (small island) Granada

This was our first stop in Cuba.
We dropped anchor after a night sail.
It was nice relaxed evening, well deserved sundowner, Grete served a nice meal ....
MADRE MIA ... suddenly ... a major mosquito attack at sundown.
They where, suddenly, everywhere without any warning.
It's very warm, no wind and we had to try to close up the whole boat.
Panic, where are the mosquito nets???? Repellent???? 
We got plenty of bites before we could start to defend ourselves.
Major blood bath. At the end we won the mosquito war. 
We managed to find some super effective (probably also very poisonous) spray.
Dead mosquitoes all over the interior of the boat at the end ... full of our precious sweet blood.
The incident was named: The Pearl Harbour Attack!

​Viva Cuba!