Tomorrow we will finally leave Marina Taravao !!!! - What a relief! - This not where you want to spend time

Sans Peur
Grete & Fred Vithen
Wed 15 May 2019 05:22
Marina Taravao, Tahiti

After more than a month we will leave tomorrow.
We have done lots of work...... preparing for the next adventures sailing towards Australia.
Looking for nice sailing now!

Filled up with pomplemousse!!! We love this incredible fruit. Fred is an expert fixing this for our breakfast.
Norwegians in a catamaran!!!! Everything, made in Norway, came in a large container. 
Then they, in a week, managed to assemble it here! 
Six Vikings have been working for hours every day!

Barebare to Bora Bora! 
The name of this very odd specular catamaran is Barebare. Happy and safe sailing!!!
This item has been very very helpful. Thank you for some good advice Käthe and Bengt!!!! To many mosquitoes, insects .... here.
Panties on the dry line!!!! No curtains from deck house. Det ver inte igår!!! Cleaning most needed!!
Fred is adding some more teak to our bathrooms. It will add some needed storage. Perfect!!! 
Security corner!!!